Terms and Conditions


  • Anda Sprachschule, Rigaerstr. 104, 10247 Berlin is in charge of organizing language courses, and it is represented by its owner René Rimassa.


  • The student can complete the registration form for the course and level he wants among the courses that Anda Sprachschule offers. Before sending the registration, the student can see and modify all the data at any moment. After clicking “Send” the student will be registered for the selected course. The registration can take place only if the student accept the Terms and Conditions of Anda Sprachschule by ticking the check box. If you click on “Accept”, you are confirming that you have read and accepted our Terms and Conditions.
  • Once Anda Sprachschule receive your registration form completed, the confirmation of your registration will be sent to you, as well as a request of a booking payment of 50,- € for the extensive courses, 100,- € for the intensive courses and 250,- € for the intensive courses with accommodation. This booking fee will be deducted of the total price of the course. In the confirmation email will appear the course you have booked, as well as the link to our Terms and Conditions.
  • The payment confirms your registration and your agreement with these general terms and conditions.


  • Every lesson is 45 minutes long. Every class group will be no less than 4 people and no more than 10.
  • If the necessary minimum number of four participants is not reached up to three days before the planned start date of the course, Anda Sprachschule reserves the right to cancel the course. In such a case, the langauge course will take place in another form with a proportional reduction of lessons. This will occur in the case of a course having only three registered participants. Should the number of participants fall short of three people, we may resort to the possibility of offering individual lessons.
  • In the case of a group with 3 participants, the number of hours of class will be proportionally reduced.
  • The school Anda Sprachschule does not open on official holidays:
    1. The classes from an evening course, semi-intensive course or individual classes are to be made up later.
    2. The classes from an intensive course coinciding with official holidays are not to be made up.
  • Anda Sprachschule reserves the right to give courses to more than one teacher for educational and organizational reasons.
  • The free lessons we offer are totally free and not binding. If you are not satisfied with the lesson you have no commitment with us. If you finally choose to register yourself for a course, the price of that lesson will be included in the total price of the course. Were to be the case that you have arranged with us a free lesson, but finally you cannot attend, you must let us know at least 24 hours before the beginning of the class. In case you don’t attend the class without previous notice, you will be charged with the amount of 39, – €.

Payment Conditions

1. For students who do not need a student visa:

  • We require a booking fee (50,-€ for extensive courses, 100,-€ for intensive courses and 250,-€ for packages with accommodation) to be paid, as indicated in the confirmation of your registration, within 14 days before the beginning of the course. This fee will be deducted from the total fee of the course.
  • The deadline to pay the rest of the price of the course without accommodation is the first day of class. The payment methods are cash, Paypal, bank transfer and debit or credit card (EC-Card, Maestro, Visa and Mastercard).
  • In the case of the German intensive courses with accommodation, the entire fees must be paid within 10 days before the entrance in the accommodation.
  • The individual lessons, group courses and business courses are to be paid in advance and regardless the student attendance.
  • If the student doesn’t attend a lesson for any reason (sickness, personal matters….) or he/she cancels the course, the fee will not be refunded. The entire course fee must be paid.
  • In case that Anda Sprachschule has signed Agreement on payment by installments with a student, all agreed payments must be paid by the student independently of his attendance to class. Anda Sprachschule reserves its right to take legal action to recover outstanding payments.
  • Please take into account that Internet downloads (Movies, Tv Series, music, books) are strictly prohibited and punishable in Germany. The students are to be held responsible for any fines that might be received in this regard. Please take it into account whenever you use the Internet.

2. For students who need a student visa and therefore a letter of acceptance:

  • In order to issue the official documents for the student visa, the total of the course fee must be paid in advance. As soon as we receive the payment, we will send the official letter of acceptance that is necessary for the student to get the student visa.
  • In case the German Embassy does not accept the visa, the student must send to Anda Sprachschule a copy of the negative reply given by the Embassy. Anda Sprachschule will give then back the whole quantity of the course fees except 250,-€ as administration fee.


  • If the student want to cancel the contract, it must be communicated to Anda Sprachschule in writing at least within 14 days before the beginning of the course. Were that to be the case, the student will be refunded the paid fee except 30,-€ on administration costs.
  • The fee will be not refunded when the cancellation takes place out of this period.
  • Should the student have booked the accommodation with Anda Sprachschule, cancellation must occur at least four weeks before arrival at the accommodation. Otherwise, the student must pay the 50% of the cost of accommodation. If the student cancel less than 7 days before, the accommodation must be paid in full.
  • The administration fee for the accommodation search (80€/person/room) will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • If a refund is granted, it will be completed within 60 days.

Established schedules

  • The individual and business clients’ lessons must be arranged at least 7 days before the beginning of the course. The arranged dates must be abided. The cancellation of the class must be communicated to the school at least 24 hours before that class and for classes on Monday, before Friday at 1pm. On the contrary the class will be considered as given and it will appear on the total sum of the bill. In group courses, the valid set dates will be the ones previously established by the school.

Contract languages

  • The contract is available in German, English and Spanish.


  • Students are responsible for themselves. Anda Sprachschule is not liable for any lost item, harm or injury.


  • The student agrees to have their personal details stored in our data base. This data will be used exclusively by Anda Sprachschule to fill the contract information and will not be revealed to any third party.

Contract details

  • You can check in any moment our Terms and Conditions in our web page. Your personal data are not available on the web due to security reasons.



Terms and Conditions


Subjects of the contract

  • This contractual agreement is between Anda Sprachschule, with its office in Rigaerstr. 104, 10247 Berlin and represented by its owner René Rimassa (hereafter referred to as Anda) and the student applicant or applicants (in plural), hereafter referred to as “applicant”.


General Terms

  • The applicant must send their documents online for a first assessment. Anda will assess the eligibility of the applicant based on the scanned version of the documents.
  • Once Anda confirms the eligibility of the applicant, the applicant must complete the registration form and send the entire payment of the university path program to Anda. The contract obligations for Anda and the obligations of the applicant start only after sending the registration form and the payment.
  • Anda offers the applicant applications for up to three universities. In each university it is possible to send either one or maximum two applications (depending on the regulations of the universities).
  • Anda will only accept students that fulfil certain criteria. This is only for the applicant to have more chances of obtaining an admission.
  • The preliminary evaluation carried by Anda does not form part of the evaluation carried on by the university. The final decision regarding admission will be taken by each university only.

Semesters and deadlines

  • Anda receives documents from applicants during the complete calendar year.
  • Depending on when the documents are received and of the deadline given by the universities the application will be possible either for the summer or the winter term.
  • Anda will assess when is the best semester to send the application to, depending on when the documents are received.
  • The applicant must send their documents within the deadline provided by Anda. If the documents are received after the provided deadline the applicant loses the right for reimbursement. In this case, an act of grace, Anda will offer to send the application for the next semester.


Scope of the service offered

  • Evaluation of the educational certificates provided by the applicant.
  • Conversion of the grade of the applicant into the German system.
  • Searching of suitable programs that fits the interests of the applicant.
  • Searching universities and assessing the eligibility of the applicant according to the criteria published by the university on their website.
  • Application to three universities (maximum for two different subjects in each university, should the university allow it)
  • Receiving and sending applicants documents (online and per post) and sending the applicants documents to the universities
  • An optional virtual interview to help the applicant prepare for their Interview with the Embassy in their respective countries.


(Conditional) admissions & Rejections

Anda will send the application of the student to the university according to their eligibility or chosen program.

The letters the applicant will receive from Anda may be one of the following:

  • Conditional admission for a language course in a German University
  • Conditional admission for a language exam in a German University
  • Admission letter for a German University
  • Certification of previous studies or equivalent.
  • Rejection letters from the university (if the applicant has not been accepted in any of the three universities).

 Payment & Reimbursement


  • Upon pre-approval of the applicant’s documentation, Anda will send an e-mail of confirmation of eligibility to the applicant. In this e-mail the applicant will find a date by which the payment for university path program must be done. The applicant must pay the complete fee until the stated date. If Anda does not receive the payment by this date, it cannot guarantee the processing of student’s application.
  • Upon receiving the applicant’s payment, Anda will issue an invoice over the whole amount, as well as a confirmation letter and send it to the student in electronic form. Only invoices and confirmation letters that come from an official Anda e-mail address are legitimate proofs of payment for the applicant. Any invoices issued by third parties in the name of Anda or invoices not coming from an official Anda e-mail address are not proofs of payment.
  • If Anda cannot provide the applicant any of the letters stated above, Anda has to show to the applicant at least 3 rejections letters from different universities. In this case, Anda will reimburse the applicant the complete paid fee of the university path program but will retain 250 € for administrative costs.
  • If an applicant receives any of the letters stated above, but fails to receive a Visa from the German embassy, Anda will reimburse the applicant the complete fee of the university path program but will retain 400€. This reimbursement is only to be done if the applicant gives Anda proof of rejection from the German embassy.
  • As soon as an applicant pays the complete university path program fee to Anda, cancelation of the contract and refund is not possible under any circumstances, except in case of Visa rejection by German embassy.



Documents Authenticity & Falsification

  • Anda will accept copies of educational certificates only when these are authenticated by an authorized official body Government (ie. German Embassy) or an authorized public notary.
  • By accepting this Terms & Conditions the applicant ensures he will only send authentic documents, free of falsifications.
  • Should the university see any falsification on the documents; the applicant will bear full responsibility.