Learn German in Berlin

The capital city of Germany, Berlin, is a place you will never forget due to its many tourist attractions, its customs and its people. You can visit more than 170 museums all over the city, take a thematic tour around it, visit the Prussian castles, or enjoy the night-life with its pubs and clubs. But not only this, Berlin is also enjoyable thanks to its theatres and opera houses, and the live music that is played everyday in one of its large festivals. You can relax in its gardens and beautiful forests around the city while practising your German in Anda Sprachschule.

You can find our school in the Friedrichshain district, on the east side of Berlin. Perfectly connected with the rest of the city (it is only at seven minutes by tube from Alexanderplatz), it stands out for being a very fashionable area with lots of bars, pubs and cafés, and headquarters of some of the most important design and media companies in the world (it is home of MTV Central Europe). Two of its important points of interest are the so-called East Side Gallery, a large remaining part of the Berlin wall; and Boxhagener Platz, the heart of the neighbourhood and where you can enjoy food and fun flea markets during the weekend.