Bildungsurlaub Design Thinking

Design Thinking ProzessDesign Thinking is a methodology that leads to problem solving and development of new ideas. The aim is to find solutions that are convincing from the consumer’s point of view (user perspective). Design thinking is based on the assumption that problems can be better solved if people from different disciplines work together in an environment where creativity is encouraged. The process goes through the following phases: understanding, observing, defining, generating ideas, implementing and testing. The course gives the participants an insight into the theoretical foundation and a first experience in working with the method using exercises within a case study.

What can I learn in a Design Thinking course?

Design Thinking Papier Bleistift GlühbirneThe course is application-oriented and divided into theoretical lessons given by teachers and exercises done by the participants. Every day, both theoretical and practical units are completed, this will help to consolidate what has been learned during one’s own experience. The last day of the course is used as a reflection and gives room for discussions on how participants can use what they have learned in their daily work.

The Design Thinking course is recognized by the Berlin Senate as Bildungsurlaub and is designed for beginners and those who have read about it but haven´t applied it yet.

When does the course take place?

Design Thinking KalenderThe course takes place every day from Monday to Friday, from 13:15 to 18:15 with 2 breaks of 15 min each and are given by experienced Design Thinking Coaches. The course is held in German and can be booked via the German speaking website. Register

We offer our Design Thinking course as Bildungsurlaub for participants with residence in various Bundesländer. For each region the following administrative fees will be charged:

StateAdmin fee
Baden-WürttembergCurrently not possible
BayernCurrently not possible
Berlin0 €
Brandenburg25 €
BremenCurrently not possible
Hamburg105 €
Hessen25 €
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern25 €
Niedersachsen25 €
Nordrhein-WestfalenCurrently not possible
Rheinland-Pfalz25 €
Saarland25 €
SachsenCurrently not possible
Sachsen-Anhalt50 €
Schleswig Holstein95 €
Thüringen50 €



Anda Sprachschule offers accredited job-related German courses.

Important information:

– Application latest 6 weeks before the course starts.
– Number of approved days: 10 days during a period of 2 years.
– Teaching time per day: at least 6hours x 45 minutes.
– It´s not possible to make up for lost days.


What is a Bildungsurlaub?

Bildungsurlaub refers to the right of employees to receive job-leave from their employer in order to participate to an accredited course, useful to a political education and/or a professional qualification. The Berlin Bildungsurlaubsgesetz (BiUrlG) is a legal basis as amended on 24.10.1990 (GVBl. P. 2209), last amended by Article X of the law of 17.05.1999 (GVBl. P. 178).

Who is eligible?

All Berlin employees and apprentices, regardless of age, have the right to participate. For government employees the corresponding special leave regulation of the Bundesland Berlin applies.

How much Bildungsurlaub is it possible to have?

Bildungsurlaub are valid for 10 working days within two consecutive calendar years. Employees up to the age of 25 are entitled to 10 working days per calendar year.

How can I get an exemption?

Workers are granted an exemption recognized by the senate administration corresponding to complementary training. Apprentices can only be exempted for educational political training events.

How can the application be considered as valid?

The Bildungsurlaub is requested to the employer. The use and timing of the study leave must be communicated to the employer as soon as possible, at least 6 weeks before the start of the educational activity. The employer must be informed of the registration of the educational event and of the recognition decision by the competent administration of the Senate or, if the event is considered as recognized, in accordance with article 11 (1) of the BiUrlG.

How to get more information about Bildungsurlaub?

Senate Department for Labor, Integration and Women
Department of Work and Vocational Training

Oranienstr. 106
10969 Berlin
Tel.: (030) 9028 – 1484, 1485, 1482, 1496
Fax: (030) 9028 – 2173