Anda language exchange

At Anda Sprachschule we don’t only make sure your course and your accommodation are the most suitable for you, we also find you a student of your level for free (from level A2) to lead conversation (for example, German – English) in order to keep practicing outside class hours!

A language exchange is the most effective way to learn about the culture and language you are studying and talk about the subjects that interest you. We will look for someone who shares your hobbies and interests, as a free complement for your German classes in Anda Sprachschule!

You can meet your partner for the first time in the school, and then go out for a drink in a bar close by or walk around the neighbourhood or maybe even do some cultural activities together. The most important thing is that you will be practicing both languages intermittently, thus improving your fluency and making you feel more confident in the language you are learning while having a nice time.

If you want to find a language exchange partner for free, fill out the following application form and we will get in touch with you as soon as we find the most suitable partner for you. We look for language exchange partners only for students who are staying longer than one month at the school and who are in a level A2 or higher.

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