Other services


In Anda Sprachschule we not only provide you with the best language course, but also offer the following sevices:

ANDA language exchange: we look for a native language partner for you so that you can practice the language out of class, one of the most efficient, affordable and fun ways to improve your oral fluency.

Courses abroad: we organize your course abroad; through the language immersion you will make the most of your stay, while enjoying some unforgettable holidays.

Travel insurance: you can hire a health insurance and enjoy your trip to the most; no need to worry about any eventual setbacks.

Cultural activities: we organise cultural activities every month for our students, such as visits to different museums, films or our well-known Anda meeting, where students from different nationalities meet up, have some “tapas” and chat in different languages.
Accommodation: we arrange your accommodation in Berlin, so that you have just to worry about learning the language and making new friends. 

Translation: we also offer translation services of documents in every language taught in the school.