French courses

In our French courses the most important thing is the student, that’s why we work in reduced groups.

Our teacher analyse the needs of our students to develop the contents of the course. If you already have some French language skills, you can take our free test to ascertain your level. Please, contact us if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment.

We use different and targeted study material chosen according to the needs of each group. We will inform you in advance what materials you will need and these can all be purchased at our school or from the usual suppliers.

Learn French in Berlin with us in small groups (an average of 5 participants)!

Our teaching material for our French courses:

In our French courses we use specialized material and we offer the possibility of buying the books at the school for the standard bookshop price. We use the following books:

  • A1: Alter Ego + 1
  • A2: Alter Ego + 2
  • B1: Alter Ego + 3

The 3 months course (= 12 double lessons) costs 165 €. Should you have any special time requests, don’t hesitate to contact us: we’ll try our best to offer you the perfect course!

At the moment we offer the following French courses in Berlin:

Course NameDayTimeDurationStartLocationPriceRegister
A1.1Tuesday18:00-19:30h12 Weeks02.04.2020Online/Friedrichshain165 €Register
A1.2Wednesday18:00-19:30h12 Weeks20.04.2020Online/Friedrichshain165 €Register
Course NameDayTimeDurationStartLocationPriceRegister
A2.1Thursday18:00 - 19:30h12 Weeks23.04.2020Online/Friedrichshain165 €Register
A2.2Wednesday18:00 - 19:30h12 Weeks29.04.2020Online/Friedrichshain165 €Register
Course NameDayTimeDurationStartLocationPriceRegister
B1.1Thursday19:30-21:00h12 Weeks16.01.2020Online/Friedrichshain165 €Register
B1.1Tuesday18:00-19:30h12 Weeks28.04.2020Online/Friedrichshain165 €Register
Course NameDayTimeDurationStartLocationPriceRegister
B2.1Wednesday19:30-21:00h12 Weeks30.04.2020Oline/Friedrichshain165 €Register


Lessons at Anda Sprachschule:

1 teaching hour10 teaching hours20 teaching hours40 teaching hours
1 person (45 min)35 €320 €590 €1.000 €
2 persons (45 min)45 €420 €790 €1.400 €
1 person (60 min)45 €420 €790 €1.400 €
2 persons (60 min)59 €550 €900 €on request

Trial lesson (60 minutes): 45 €

Lessons at your/your company’s place:

1 teaching hour10 teaching hours20 teaching hours40 teaching hours
1 person (45 min)49 €450 €850 €1.600 €

Trial lesson (60 minutes): 60 €

Pleas note: one appointment has a minimum of 60 or 2 x 45 minutes. A package of 10 x 45 minutes therefore means 5 appointments.