Preparation course for the specialized language exam of the medical association

Language opens horizons and unlimited possibilities: both in private and professional spheres. Our preparatory course specifically teaches you the communication skills that you need in your professional life as a foreign doctor. It is important to approach patients in a competent, safe and clear manner and to prove yourself professional to your colleagues. This requires a solid medical knowledge of the German language.
If you want to attend a course that is not too time consuming, we have just the right type of course for you. Our intensive course lasts 5 weeks and takes place from 13:30 to 17:00 from Mondays to Fridays. Compact, competent, communicative. The cost is 120€ per week, 600€ for the whole course. The plan includes a maximum of 12 participants, so as to be sure that everyone is given the sufficient attention.

Build up prospects for your future career with solid technical language skills.

Who do we approach with this preparation course?

Our preparatory course is suitable for foreign doctors who wish to take a special language exam with the medical association of their respective federal state. If you are a foreign doctor and have completed your professional training abroad, you must take the specialized language exam. This is mandatory to obtain the license to practice medicine in Germany.

Dates for the preparatory course for the specialized medical language exam

Course NameDayTimeDurationStartLocationPriceRegister
Medical ExamMo to Fr13:30-17:00h5 Weeks20.04.2020To be defined600 €Register

Which are the requirements?

You are probably wondering if you need to meet certain eligibility requirements, such as: a completed medical degree, a professional license in your home country or German language skills. We just ask you to bring knowledge of the German language at B2 level – and we can begin! B2 is the fourth of six levels on the competence scale of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)”. That means you have advanced language skills.
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Practice your medical expertise in German

Our preparatory course for the specialized medicine language exam works according to a special concept, which prepares you for the technical language exam valid for all German medical associations and for all federal states. In Anda Sprachschule you can improve your German skills by listening, reading, speaking and writing, as these are the communicative skills that you will need for your workday life.
We specifically strengthen your skills in medical communication and language in German. The teachers at Anda Sprachschule are friendly and passionate, but most of all linguistically and technically competent. We select our teachers according to the highest standards and evaluate their communicative, social, technical and didactic skills.

Learning objective: Strengthen specific communication skills

Please find below an overview of the learning objectives we will undertake together:

Goals / Course aspects:

Organize communication with your patients purposefully and in a structured manner.

Extend your medical vocabulary in order to connect your German skills with your medical knowledge.

The preparatory course includes a complete simulation of the exam that will be explained in a clear and detailed way.

Professional communication of the individual anamnesis – both for emergencies and common consultation.

Communication between doctors: specific and structured methodology for the writing of medical reports according to the high standards of the exam. Furthermore techniques for conducting a conversation between doctors will be discussed.

Communication in the field of the diagnosis and the physical examination of the patient.

Communication of important steps of the treatment.

Listening comprehension of both German and technical language.

Skilfully communicate medical instructions.

Easy orientation into everyday practices.

Find adequate answers to questions – even if the technical answer is unknown.

Practice German-Latin vocabulary and intensive discussions with medical content.

Use of concrete case studies for the specialized language exam for medicine.

Use of an anamnesis communicated by third-party.

Overview of the regulations: acquire, communicate and apply important juridical knowledge.

Patients’ living will – how does it work in Germany?

Practice of the anatomy’s vocabulary.

Grammar: we will pay close attention to the special linguistic aspects used in the medical field (passive, conjunctive, endings of the adjectives and many more).

Sentence structure / Words order in a sentence; Practicing useful and informative sentences.

Read, understand and apply medical literature.

Pronunciation (with particular reference to the umlaut ä, ö, ü).


If you have further questions, our office staff and teachers will be happy to help you. More information on how to reach us can be found here.