Intensive German courses Berlin

Intensive German courses Berlin
Our Intensive German courses at the Anda School of languages are perfect for those who want to learn German in Berlin or improve their skills in that language in a fast way while staying in Berlin.

In addition to the German language course in Berlin , in which you will always have native teachers, you will have the chance to practice and learn German in your everyday life, join our cultural activities and if you want, you can also do a language exchange with an English student.

Our Intensive German courses take place from Monday to Friday in the morning or in the afternoon. The intensive German lessons consist of 4 lesson hours and there is a 30 minutes break in the middle, so that you can recover your energy for the second part of the lesson. You can register for our Intensive German courses Berlin for as many weeks as you want. The more weeks you book, the cheaper the course price will be.

German intensive courses

LevelA1 to C1
Units per week20 (1 unit= 45 min)
DaysMonday to Friday
Startevery Monday
Durationto choose individually


A1.1 – Beginners I3 weeks
A1.2 – Beginners II3 weeks
A2 – Elementary6 weeks
B1 – Intermediate8 weeks
B1+ – Intermediate +1 week
B2 – Advanced10 weeks
C1 – Superior10 weeks


DurationPriceCourse + room
2 weeks260 €640 €
3 weeks360 €890 €
4 weeks440 €1040 €
8 weeks760 €1880 €
12 weeks1080 €2.720 €
24 weeks2160 €
course namedaytimestartlocationregister
A1.1Monday to Friday9:30 - 12:15h06.04.2020OnlineRegister
A1.1Monday to Friday9:30 - 12:15h04.05.2020OnlineRegister
A1.2Monday to Friday9:30 - 12:15h30.03.2020OnlineRegister
A1.2Monday to Friday9:30 - 12:15h04.05.2020OnlineRegister
course namedaytimestartplaceregister
A2.1Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h16.03.2020OnlineRegister
A2.1Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h20.04.2020OnlineRegister
A2.1Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h25.05.2020OnlineRegister
A2.2Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h09.03.2020OnlineRegister
A2.2Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h13.04.2020OnlineRegister
A2.2Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h11.05.2020OnlineRegister
course namedaytimestartplaceregister
B1.1Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h09.03.2020OnlineRegister
B1.1Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h06.04.2020OnlineRegister
B1.1Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h04.05.2020OnlineRegister
B1.2Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h09.03.2020OnlineRegister
B1.2Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h13.04.2020OnlineRegister
B1.2Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h04.05.2020OnlineRegister
course namedaytimestartlocationregister
B2.1Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h16.03.2020OnlineRegister
B2.1Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h20.04.2020OnlineRegister
B2.1Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h18.05.2020OnlineRegister
B2.2Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h16.03.2020OnlineRegister
B2.2Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h27.04.2020OnlineRegister
B2.2Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h25.05.2020OnlineRegister
course namedaytimestartlocationregister
C1.1Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h30.03.2020OnlineRegister
C1.1Monday-Friday9:30 - 12:15h27.04.2020OnlineRegister

Please take into account that during July and August a summer fee of 25€ will be charged for every week in a German intensive course.