Things to do in Berlin

Discover the most important things to do in Berlin here. We speak about the 5 most important places.

Berlin is known for being a very diverse city offering many possibilities for its tourist visitors. In the summer season is when berlin has more to offer because the tourists can walk from one great landmark to another while enjoy great weather. There are so many things to do in Berlin it can be difficult sometimes to decide what to do, even more if you’re in a tight budget. But in this article we have made a short list of the most important thing you should not miss when going to berlin.
1.-Brandenburg Gate:
The Brandenburg Gate with more than 300 years of history is one Berlin most known and visited landmarks. In here former US president Ronald Reagan said his famous words: “Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”. Tourist can go and visit the centuries old landmark in the day hours or also the can go at night, when there’s less people and you have a chance of photographing the illuminated Gate.
One of Berlin most historical buildings is the seat of the German parliament, the Reichstag. The building heavily damage after World War II was restored by Lord Norman Foster who preserved the building historical design, but added a glass dome that has become synonymous with the building and the city of Berlin. On top of the glass dome tourists can enjoy striking views. The queues to enter the Reichstag tend to be shorter in the morning and at night. Disabled people or people with small children can skips the queues altogether.
The Fernsehturm is one easily the most visible Berlin landmark for tourist visiting the city. Build in the 1960’s with a staggering 368 meters tall the TV tower can be easily seen from all over the city if surrounding buildings allow it. One thing to do in Berlin that tourist cannot miss is the view on top. This tower is the tallest structure in Germany and offers a view of clear visibility of up to 42 kilometers. In order to go is good that you buy your ticket online to avoid queues. Also is good that you enjoy a snack in the cafe on top.
Berlin is home to over some 200 museums spread through the city, so one of the things that cannot be missing in your ‘things to do in berlin’ list is visit a couple. Some of the most important museum are located in the famous Museuminsel (museum island) at the eastern end of ‘Unter den Linden’. Of the 5 museums found on the island 2 museums that are not to be missed are the ‘Neues Museum’ where you can see the Egyptian bust of Nefertiti; and the spectacular Pergamonmuseum, one of the world’s greatest archeological museums where you can find a partial recreation of the Pergamon Altar, the Roman Gate of Miletus and the Ishtar Gate of Babylon.
One greatest things to do in Berlin is to go and relax in the Mauerpark. The park hosts a massive flea market on Sundays where you can find and buy anything from bicycles, clothes, records, furniture, souvenirs, etc. Also you can chill out in the bars in the park, or make a grill in the grass. At 3pm at the hillside of the park starts the Mauerpark karaoke (if the weather allows it), where the selected one’s take the mic in front of the crowd to sing an array of chosen songs.
Also you can learn german in Berlin talking with the people, and this is so important!