Good resolutions for 2016

2016 has just begun and we bet that many of you made New Year resolutions and are struggling to keep them. Commonly-made resolutions include reduce weight, stop smoking, stop excessive drinking, improve finances, reduce stress, get along better, travel….


We chose 6 resolutions that we would like to share with you:
Learn a foreign language: it’s one of most popular resolutions for New Year. The majority of people enroll to English courses. Why not trying with another language? In Anda Sprachschule we offer different types of courses in 6 languages. Have a look at our website to find out which one would suits you.
Read more books: not just our body needs to be fed but also our mind. A good book allows you to learn more about the world and to discover something new about yourself as well. You can also try reading books in a foreign language to improve your skills.
Become vegetarian: Berlin is the perfect city for vegetarians. You will find lots of supermarkets and restaurants specialized in this kind of food. It is worth a try, even for a short time, we are sure that you will be surprised.
Increase exercise: Beyond the traditional gym in Berlin you can find any kind of particular activities such as acrobatic yoga, parkour, any kind of dance… If it’s too cold to ride a bike or to go jogging time has come to try one of these activities!
Discover Berlin: It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been living in Berlin, there will always be a bar, a park or a museum that you never visited. Just choose a different “Bezirk” every month and take this chance to learn something interesting about it.
Enjoy the Night life: even if you don’t like go clubbing, Berlin offers you the possibility to go to theaters, exhibitions, concerts and some of the most famous clubs in the world.
Let’s talk about again at the end of this year, to see which resolutions we kept and which not. Good Luck!