False friends

All of us who learn languages have ever made mistakes who made our partner laugh. Who’s to blame? A false friend, who else? That’s why on this post we are providing a list with some of the most typical ones, for all of those who need to put the final touches to their German knowledge, or just review these tricky words.
Here’s a list with 20 of the most common false friends in German-English. Keep them in mind and those situations that in the past made you blush will not occur again 

German term – Translation – English term  -Translation
brav good, well-behaved brave tapfer, mutig
Der Brand Fire, blaze Die Marke
Der Dom Cathedral Dome Die Kuppel
Die Fabrik Factory Fabric Der Stoff
Das Gift Poison Gift Das Geschenk
Das Handy Cell phone handy praktisch
Die Kaution Deposit Caution Die Vorsicht
Der Kot Excrement Cot Das Feldbett
Der Lack Paint Lack (of) Der Mangel
So ein Mist! Damn! Mist Der Dunst
Der Pickel Pimple Pickle Die Essiggurke
Der Rat Advice Rat Die Ratte
rentabel profitable rentable mietbar
Der Sekt Sparkling wine Sect Die Sekte
sensibel sensitive sensible vernünftig
spenden donate ausgeben verbringen
Der Stapler Forklift Stapler Der Hefter
spenden donate spend Ausgeben/verbringen
Der Stern Star stern streng / das Heck
tasten touch taste kosten / schmecken

We hope you find it useful. On future posts we will provide with more vocabulary, useful expressions and different tricks, so that you all get to master the challenging Goethe’s language 