East and West Berlin’s differences nowadays

The 20th century was sadly famous to be the period for the two World Wars that have taken place, where the main countries of different continents got involved. As after any war, the consequences of the 2nd World War are still present in many cities.
In 1961 a wall was erected to make a division between east berlin and west berlin, which along to the political and cultural difference, also created a physical division.
The political differences between east Berlin and west Berlin were clear. The East was ruled by the soviets, which Stalin defined as DDR, where there was no place for capitalism, and population suffered from poor housing, low incomes and food limitations. On the other hand, West Germany was more prosperous, and population was enjoying better conditions, that’s the reason why many citizens from East Germany try to escape and move to the West, but by that time the border was under high security measures, and was almost imposible to cross without being shot. These differences between East Berlin and West Berlin nowadays can be seen on the architecture for example, the buidlings in the right side of the city are made of grey concrete, uniform, and simple. as a metaphor of auterity, while the ones on the left side are more decorated, with wider windows and terraces.
Main differences
Yet there are not only “object” differences between East Berlin and West Berlin, according to some studies there are still political, consumer and psychological differences among the population depending on the part of the city they’ve been raised. For example, some studies informed that most of the people living in east Berlin are more likely to buy traditional brands and products, showing no interest on new brands, as some kind of nostalgia of the past years appeared.
Young people may still find some differences, but Berlin becoming a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities make it easier to blur this mental “wall” that is disapperaring through the years between East Berlin and West Berlin.