Black Forest Germany: a wild wonder of Europe

The name of the Black Forest Germany sounds mysterious and makes everyone think of an isolated and wild place where the time barely passes by. It is indeed, this kind on forest: a dense woodland in the mountains of Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany.

The Black Forest is known in Germany as Schwarzwald, and it is an almost rectangular region of 160 km of length and 60 km of breadth, bordered by the Rhine valley in the west and south and by the cities of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart in the north. It is known nowadays as an essential natural touristic attraction.
Black Forest Germany: flora, geology and weather
Plenty of trees (mostly pines and firs), ferns and foxgloves occupy the wide areas of these mountains, and the vegetation is so dense that the light of the day cannot even reach the different paths.
The area is covered with sandstone on top of layers of gneiss and granites, and several lakes water it. The main ones are Mummelsee, Feldsee and Schluchsee, the biggest and most touristic swamp of the Black Forest of Germany.
The weather belongs to a pure mountain climate, where the forest regulates the temperature (only in the rocky areas the temperatures are too high in summer and too low during the winter) and generates the high levels of humidity.
Black Forest Germany: culture and economy
In most part of the region, inhabitants maintain traditions and typical customs, their own gastronomy (the Black Forest cake with chocolate, crème and fruits is excellent) and rural houses. Even at local holidays and fairs many women dress again with regional costumes and hats.
Accordingly, the main industry of the Black Forest Germany is tourism. Not only is it a natural attraction because of the forest and numerous footpaths that cross it, it is also an area with many cities, towns and monuments that it is worth visiting.
Black Forest Germany: points of interest
The historic towns of the Black Forest Germany and the most touristic destinations are Baden Baden, Calw, Freiburg, Staufen, Gengenbach and Altensteig.
In the nature, the most popular highlights are the lakes of Titisee and Schluchsee, the waterfalls of All Saints and Triberg and the mountains of Feldberg, Kandel and Belchen. Feldberg is the highest peak of the Black Forest Germany, with an elevation of 1493 m, and is the perfect choice for a ski trip and for enjoying one of the most beautiful views of the whole country.
Of course, the natural parks of the region are also an important highlight. They were created to protect the native culture and nature of the Black Forest, commercialize the typical and traditional products and offer the tourists high quality attractions. The one in the south (Naturpark Südschwarzwald) is the second biggest park of Germany, full of playful squirrels and where the Triberg Waterfalls are. The other one, in the centre/north of the forest (Naturpak Schwarzwald Mitte/Nord), is the biggest park of the country, where the densest part of the Black Forest is and where the darkest lakes are, known as the eyes of the Black Forest.
Black Forest Germany: what can I do?
In conclusion, the Black Forest Germany is an almost virgin region perfect to get lost in the immensity of the nature, where you can walk along its many footpaths (some of them suitable for mountain-bikes and horse-riding), and also take part of exciting activities such as climbing, paragliding, kayaking, and skiing. But if you are looking for a quiet vacation, in the many spas and thermal resorts you can also relax and restore your health.
And finally, you should, definitely, get yourself a cuckoo clock. Wood-carving has always been a traditional cottage industry in the Black Forest Germany, and its clocks are famous for their beauty and precision.

What are you waiting for? The Black Forest of Germany is the wild wonder of Europe and it is waiting for you!