Berlin films

All of us enjoy watching a good film more when we recognize the places where it has been shot; it is easier to identify with the characters, it can remind us of nice moments that we have experienced and even awake old feelings that we had forgotten. That is why in this first post we want to talk about some films based on or shot in Berlin. We hope you like our recommendations for one of your next film nights J

Berlin calling

This Berlin movie is a critical dispute with the glorified drug and party world in the nocturnal and daytime Berlin.
The techno producer and DJ Ikarus (played by Paul Kalkbrenner) is close to the release of his debut albums and close to the felt break through. But then everything comes differently than expected: To be able to cope with the huge pressure and to be able to perform every night, Ikarus consumes chemical drugs. When he takes one day an adulterated pill he gets a drug induced psychosis and is committed into a mental ward. The album release date gets cancelled and his girlfriend fleas into the arms of a woman. The music becomes his last acquisition to reality. Will he succeed to get back up and release his album eventually?

Achterbahn (documentary):

In this documentary the director Peter Dörfler tells the story of the turbulent fate of Norbert Witte and his family. The carny Norbert Witte bought after the collapse of the GDR the terrain of a former culture park in the Plänter Wald and opened an amusement park. As he was inclined to always want more and be very expansion oriented he drove himself into bankruptcy. With a negative of 15 Million Euros on his bank account he decided to start over again in Lima, Peru. He illegally transferred part of his rides to the Latinamerican country to start over again as a carny. When he failed one more time, he initiated a shipment of aprox.180 kg cocaine from Peru to Germany to pay off part of his debts. As someone blew his cover the deal failed and his son Marcel Witte was condemned to 20 years of prison in Peru. Norbert Witte was comparably lucky as he was condemned to imprisonment in Germany for 7 years. He tore his entire family into a disaster.


Run lola Run

In this German cult movie from the 90‘s Tom Tykwer projects the video game principle on to the screen. The level is always the same and you have three lives. When they are gone it’s “game over”. A readheaded Franka Potente runs like mad through Berlin. She is on a mission to adquire money for her boyfriend who is connected in an illegal ploy. She has to obtain 100.000 DM in 20 minutes. As stressful as this sounds the movie is conversed. A pulsating techno beat that runs unwearying through the movie like a heart beat underlines Lola’s run through Berlin. Tykwer deals in this movie with the significance of time and how the coherence of coincidende and fate can lead to shifts in the lives of individuals.

The Edukators

Three idealistic teenagers that strongly despise the bourgeousie, break into the houses of rich people to scare them. They move furniture and divert items from its intended use to teach them a lesson. They also leave messages like: “ You have too much money. The legal guardians.” Or “ the fat years are over.” One day they get caught at a burglary and whilst in panic abduct a rich man from his mansion and that is when everything gets out of control. Apart from the excessive deman resulting from the abduction the situation between the teenagers get worse as romantic ties in the group cause jealousy and disappointment.

Christiane F- Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo

In the movie based on the autobiographic novel which was rest upon interviews with Christiane F. the social anticlimax of a young girl is portrayed in a horrific way. Christiane F. is from a family with numerous problems, in which daily domestic violence caused by the father dominates the atmosphere.
When she is 12 she consumes hash for the first time and she is also open towards other drugs. She meets Detlef, whom she falls in love with and they start consuming heroin together. Detlef is addicted and soon starts selling this body on the curb around Bahnhof Zoo. The decay of the youngsters becomes obvious very soon and ends apparently in a dead end street.