February 2016 | German language school, German courses in Berlin - Anda Sprachschule

Welcome to our Blog!

Dear friends:

We are more than happy to welcome you to our new blog!

Here you will find news, interesting stories, offers, suggestions for your free time... and we’ll keep you posted about the most popular events taking place in Berlin, as well as the activities organized by the school.

A warm welcome and best regards.

The Anda Team


Black Forest Germany: a wild wonder of Europe

The name of the Black Forest Germany sounds mysterious and makes everyone think of an isolated and wild place where the time barely passes by. It…

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Kreuzberg, reviewing the history

One of our resolutions for 2016 is to get to know better the different districts of Berlin. We’ve decided to continue our suggestion with Kreuzberg. This…

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East and West Berlin’s differences nowadays

The 20th century was sadly famous to be the period for the two World Wars that have taken place, where the main countries of different continents…

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