10 reasons to learn German in Berlin

There are many reasons that explain the position of Berlin among the top cities to learn the language. On this post you can find out about some of them.
More and more people are leaving everything behind to come to Germany and learn the language. When making such a crucial decision as emigrating, it’s important to take time to choose the city which will turn into your home for a few months, years, or maybe for a lifetime. On this post we’ll let you know about some of the reasons which would probably tip the scales in Berlin’s favour:
Diversity: Berlin is a city for every taste. Here you can enjoy a lovely dinner in a fancy restaurant after a nice evening at the opera, go to a punk concert in an old factory, or dance to the sound of Caribbean music until the sun comes up. But the city diversity is not only related to music, here you can taste food from every country in the world, meet people from very different cultures and discover all kinds of art: from the street graffiti to some of the most important classic works of art.
Culture and History: Here you can find all kinds of memorials, museums, guided tours, exhibitions, etc. (many of them free), where the overwhelming history of Berlin through the 20th century is perfectly reflected. The Museums Island houses some of the most important works of art in the world. Besides you can find everyday a huge variety of concerts, poetry readings, festivals and movie premieres. Berlin is a must for those who are into art, music or culture in general.
Languages schools: The city has hundreds of schools which offer all kinds of language courses, not only German. Thanks to the hard work of the Anda Team, and of course, to the students’ satisfaction, Anda is nowadays one of the top languages schools in Berlin, and particularly well known for its German and Spanish courses.
Cost of living: In spite of being one of the most cosmopolitan European capitals, Berlin is still quite affordable compared to London, Paris or with other German cities. The cost of living in general is still for many the key factor to choose Berlin as their destination.
Nightlife: Berlin has an endless list of bars, pubs and clubs where you can hang out not only on the weekend, but also during the week. Regardless of whether you like quiet evenings with friends or just dancing the whole night, Berlin is your city. It is known as the city of techno, but you can find all kinds of clubs here.
Nature: although it is a big city, Berlin has amazing green spaces. The most emblematic park is the Tiergarten, in the centre of the city, right beside the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. But here you can also find hundreds of parks, gardens, forests and lakes which will make you forget that you are in the largest city of Germany.
These and many other reasons make Berlin a perfect city, not only to learn the language, but also to learn about the German culture, make new friends from all around the world and to have an unforgettable experience, you won’t regret it 