Learn German A1 to C1 in our Live Online Classes

If you don’t have a German language school nearby or you prefer to learn from home while still attending high school, our virtual class could be perfect for you!

Our Intensive German courses at Anda Language School are a great option for you if you want to learn German to access university preparation programs such as a Studienkolleg, or if you would like to visit Germany for a language course and need intermediate German level to enter the country.

Our Live Online Courses offer the same advantages as our classroom courses:

  • Native German speaking teachers
  • High-quality technology, video and audio tools
  • Class in real-time (live): you can of course still talk and ask questions to our teachers!

On top of that, you will have the comfort of learning at home!

Our Intensive German Live Online Courses will take place from Monday to Friday. The intensive German lessons consist of 3 lessons and there is a 30 minutes break, so you can grab a coffee and chat with your classmates.

Choose your preferred course and register now!

Please specify in the registration form in the comments section if you prefer the morning or afternoon course (German time). Thank you!

A1.1Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h06.04.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
A1.1Montag bis Freitag15:00-17:45h06.04.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
A1.1Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h04.05.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
A1.2Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h30.03.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
A1.2Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h04.05.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
A1.2Montag bis Freitag15:00-17:45h04.05.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
A2.1Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h16.03.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
A2.1Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h20.04.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
A2.1Montag bis Freitag15:00-17:45h20.04.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
A2.1Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h25.05.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
A2.2Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h13.04.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
A2.2Montag bis Freitag15:00-17:45h13.04.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
A2.2Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h11.05.20204 Wochen300 €Anmelden
B1.1Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h06.04.20205 Wochen500 €Anmelden
B1.1Montag bis Freitag15:00-17:45h06.04.20205 Wochen500 €Anmelden
B1.1Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h04.05.20205 Wochen500 €Anmelden
B1.2Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h13.04.20205 Wochen500 €Anmelden
B1.2Montag bis Freitag15:00-17:45h13.04.20205 Wochen500 €Anmelden
B1.2Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h04.05.20205 Wochen500 €Anmelden
B2.1Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h16.03.20206 Wochen600 €Anmelden
B2.1Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h20.04.20206 Wochen600 €Anmelden
B2.1Montag bis Freitag15:00-17:45h20.04.20206 Wochen600 €Anmelden
B2.1Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h18.05.20206 Wochen600 €Anmelden
B2.2Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h16.03.20206 Wochen600 €Anmelden
B2.2Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h27.04.20206 Wochen600 €Anmelden
B2.2Montag bis Freitag15:00-17:45h27.04.20206 Wochen600 €Anmelden
B2.2Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h25.05.20206 Wochen600 €Anmelden
C1.1Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h30.03.20206 Wochen600 €Anmelden
C1.1Montag bis Freitag09:30-12:15h27.04.20206 Wochen600 €Anmelden
C1.1Montag bis Freitag15:00-17:45h27.04.20206 Wochen600 €Anmelden