Evening course for parents

Momo's Playroom
Dear Parents,

Would you like to improve your German skills, but find it difficult to coordinate your classes with your parental duties and activities? Do you need safe hands to take care of your dearest one while you are focused on your language learning?

Anda Sprachschule and Momo’s playroom are there to help you with this! While you are comfortably seated in your classroom at Anda, your baby will be only 20 meters away, happily playing in Momo’s multi-sensory space.

Momo’s playroom is a uniquely designed, handcrafted environment that was built by Roi Weinstein & Stefan Roslmair. They are teachers, curators and professional performance artists.

Momo's team kitchen

Momo’s team

  • Roi holds a B.E.D * teacher certificate in theatre and dance and has been creating & teaching multidisciplinary art classes for the past 12 years.
  • Stefan is a sound designer & producer. He holds a master’s degree in music and is trained in Music learning Theory by E. Gordon.
  • Let’s not forget to mention Avivi, Roi and Stefan’s baby who will be happy to host your children and play with them.
  • Trained babysitters who will pay attention to your child’s every need.

Momo's playroom babyIn Momo’s playroom, our little loved-ones will be encouraged to become active participants, since we promote respecting and listening approach. This means:

  • More observation – less intervention.
  • Child-led activities
  • Interactive toys & high quality self-learning.
  • Multi-cultural environment; our team speaks German, English, Italian, Hebrew, Spanish and Polish.

Momo’s space
Momo's SpaceThe facility is about 120 sqm and divided into 4 separate spaces:

  1. Main playroom: 35 sqm with a view of the street: Room Full of hand crafted toys, furniture & different multi-sensory games
  2. Kitchen – Daily vegan Menu that offers fresh, handmade, organic food
  3. Library – living room where you & your child can relax, enjoy great food & stories from all over the world
  4. Workshop – Co working space. Here all the messy joy happens.

You are very welcome to call by after your class at Anda and have a coffee, while your child is getting ready to go home!

Your teacher is also a parent and will be with you during our free weekly activities, organized by Anda & Momo’s playroom. This includes workshops, counseling, outdoor family activities, conversational exercise in German and much more.

All you need to do is to register for your classes and the rest is on us!

Course NameDayTimeDurationStartLocationPriceRegister
A1Mon + Wed16:00-17:30h12 Weeks23.09.2019Friedrichshain600 €Register

Anda & Momo’s playroom – the best choice for you and for your baby!
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