German conversation course in Berlin

A German conversation course is ideal for those who wish to speak more German. Many foreigners in Berlin want to learn and speak German. This isn’t always easy because English is spoken a lot of the time in Berlin. If you ask someone a question in German in everyday life, that person tends to respond in English. Try out our conversation course which is tailor-made to help you learn to talk German in everyday situations. If you’re already taking a German intensive course, a conversation course is the ideal way to expand your speaking skills. If you‘re not having German lessons at the moment, this course is the best way to quickly improve your German without committing to a long term course.

A German conversation course lasts four weeks, and during this time two topics are discussed in detail. Each topic is looked at in two sessions of 90 minutes. In the first session we’ll learn new vocabulary which we will then practice in the second session. The German conversation course is ideal for those who want to try out a German course for a short time. Every month a new conversation course with new topics starts, so that even several consecutive courses would never be boring. You can consistently improve your German with our conversation courses and benefit from small groups of between 4 and maximum 6 participants. The small group size ensures that each student can develop their speaking skills efficiently.

The conversation courses take place once a week, from 18:00 to 19:30. Each session includes two classes of 45 minutes, so 90 minutes in total.

Improve your speaking skills through a German conversation course

How often have you been annoyed that you can’t express yourself fluently enough in daily life because you don’t have enough vocabulary or speaking practice? Our German conversation classes will get you into a routine of speaking, which will help you to speak more naturally. Through this routine, you’ll find it much easier in daily life whenever you need to speak German. Our teachers are always preparing new topics for conversation courses and know exactly how they can get the best out of each student individually.

Expand your vocabulary with our German conversation course and at the same time learn how to express yourself in German. This will help you in your job, at university and in everyday life.

German conversation course A2-B1

You already have German knowledge but cannot use it on many ocasions? You want to improve your German speaking and understanding skills?
Then this course is exactly the right choice for you!
Next start date: Wed, 25.03.2020
Once a week, Wednesdays, 18-19:30 h
Price: 90 € / 6 weeks
Minimum level: A2 / B1.


German conversation course B2-C1

You already have advanced German knowledge but would like to improve it further?
Then this course is exactly the right choice for you!
Next start date: Tue, 17.03.2020
Once a week, Tuesdays, 18-19:30 h
Price: 90 € / 6 weeks
Minimum level: B2 / C1