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  • Personal and individual advice on-location, per email or over the telephone
  • Advice and placement test from 09:00 h to 21:00 h
  • High quality language courses taught by competent and native teachers
  • Drinks and Snacks
  • Course content and homework is sent by email whenever a lesson is missed
  • Anda language exchange


  • Small groups with an average of 5-6 students
  • Communicative and exciting lessons with personal attention
  • Carefully selected material: working with as few photocopies as possible
  • High qualified, motivated, friendly teachers
  • Lessons focus on culture, language usage, grammar and spelling


  • The school is cosy and familiar
  • Personal appointments from 09:00 until 21:00 h.
  • Attentive staff, always ready to help students with their individual needs
  • Bright, nice classrooms with comfortable seats
  • Kitchen with snacks and drinks
  • Common room to learn, chat and relax

German language course in Berlin: German in Berlin

German language course in Berlin

German language course in Berlin: In our German course in Berlin the most important thing is the student, that’s why we work in small groups. Enjoy all that this great city has to offer while learning German in Berlin with us at the Anda-Sprachschule, School of languages in Berlin, Germany! Contact us right now have receive free information about your next German language course in Berlin.

German language course in Berlin: Learn German in small groups at great competitive prices at:

Anda Sprachschule, Rigaer Straße 104 10247 Berlin, Deutschland Phone:+49 30 609 26 692
Send your Email to Anda, School for foreign Languages in Berlin

German language course in BerlinGerman language course in Berlin 

German language course in Berlin: We offer high quality German lessons in our german courses in Germany in small groups, native and qualified teachers, great prices and personal advice in four languages! For all this reasons Anda Sprachschule is the best place to take German courses Berlin. If you already have some German language skills, you can take our free test to ascertain your level. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your German language course Berlin if you have any questions or wish to make an appointment, we will be pleased to assist you! Would you like to receive more information about our school and our courses? Then we recommend you to download our brochure here or to contact us. We will be very happy to assist you!

We offer the following German courses Berlin:

Intensive courses: This German course in Berlin, Germany that take place five times a week (4 lesson hours per day), mornings or noon.

Semi-Intensive courses: Our German courses that take place twice a week (2 lesson hours per day) in the afternoon. 12 weeks = 295 Euro.

Evening courses: German courses that take place once a week (2 lesson hours per day) in the afternoon. 12 weeks = 159 Euro.

Private German lessons at our language school in Berlin : they adapt to the exact needs of the student both in contents and in times, and can take place in the morning, noon or evening.

ACCOMMODATION during your German language course in Berlin: No Problem! We can help the students of our German courses in Berlin to find suitable accommodation for them in appartments or shared flats in Berlin. However, you must already be registered in any of the German Intensive courses that Anda Sprachschule offers.

German language course in Berlin

Language exchange partner: We will look for a language exchange partner in Berlin for you!

At Anda Sprachschule we do not only look for the German course Berlin and the accommodation that best suits you, but we also find you a German – English conversation exchange for your level (from level A2) for free, so that you can practice your language skills outside of class hours. The Anda exchange is the most effective way to learn German in Berlin while talking about the subjects that most interest you.
When you do a german courses in Germany with us, we also look for tandem partners only for students who stay longer than one month at the school.

Cultural activities: Every month, we offer several cultural activities for our students of the courses for German in Berlin, such as small trips, visits to museums, films or our typical Anda meeting, in which people from different countries come together and eat tapas while practising foreign languages. Do a german course in Berlin with us and have fun!

Our teaching material: We use specific materials for our German in Germany courses that you can buy in the school for the normal bookstore rates. The books used in our German lessons are as follows:

  • From A1.1 to A2.1: Schritte International (Publisher: Hueber)
  • From A2.2 to B1.2: Schritte International (Publisher: Hueber)
  • From B2.1 to C1.2: Aspekte (Publisher: Klett)

Learn German in Berlin with us in small groups (from 3 to 10 students)! No registration Fees!

German language course in Berlin

  • Duration
  • 2 weeks
  • 3 weeks
  • 4 weeks
  • 8 weeks
  • 12 weeks
  • Register
  • Price
  • 230 €
  • 300 €
  • 390 €
  • 600 €
  • 885 €
  • Register

Don't you agree: learning a language is better and easier in a country where almost everyone uses it as native language. If your objective is to learn German to broaden your language skills and therefore improve your professional and personal competences, and you are looking for German courses in Germany, we want to recommend you our Anda German language course in Berlin!

Berlin is the best city in Germany to begin your adventure of learning German. Full of people from every country in the world, it is a great place for intercultural exchange and for getting to know the history, art and culture of Europe. The streets are always full of people to meet, in parks and riversides groups of friends have barbecues and share experiences, you can join in the karaoke that takes place every Sunday in Mauerpark and have matches of table tennis in almost every square of the city.

Berlin was, is and will be one of the most important european cities. In the centre of the continent, the city has become a meeting point for students looking for German courses in Germany. Here you can find children, young people and adults of all ages sharing the same goal: to learn the language and the outstanding unique character of the city. If you have chosen Berlin as your city in Germany to learn the language, you will not be disappointed. And although there are many language schools here, you will love our programme of German courses Berlin as much as the city and its people.

We have suitable courses for every kind of student. You prefer to learn in groups or maybe alone? Are you looking for an intensive course or an evening one? It does not matter; we have the German course Berlin for you!  

German language Lessons in Berlin

Learn German in Berlin in small groups at great competitive prices at:

Anda Sprachschule, Rigaer Straße 104 10247 Berlin, Deutschland Phone:+49 30 609 26 692
Send your Email to Anda, School for foreign Languages in Berlin

How to find us:

What does Wikipedia tells us about the German language

"German (Deutsch [ˈdɔʏtʃ] is a West Germanic language. It derives most of its vocabulary from the Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family.[20] A number of words are derived from Latin and Greek, and fewer from French and English. Widely spoken languages which are most similar to German include LuxembourgishDutch, the Frisian languagesEnglish and the Scandinavian languages.

German is written using the Latin alphabet. In addition to the 26 standard letters, German has three vowels with umlauts (Ä/ä, Ö/ö, and Ü/ü) and the letter ß (a special kind of "s(s)", called "Eszett" or "scharfes Es"; it originated as a ligature of archaic forms of the letters s and z, which were represented as ſ and ʒ, respectively, that is, ſ + ʒ = ſʒ = ß).

German is spoken natively by about 100 million people, making it the most widely spoken native language in the European Union and one of the major languages of the world.[21] At the same time German is the second most commonly used scientific language in the world."

Learn German in Berlin with us in a fun and easy way! 

German course Berlin - German language course in Berlin

 Intensive German courses Berlin at the Anda School of languages - extensive German courses Berlin - Language school in Berlin for fast and affordable language courses in Berlin


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German language course in Berlin. German lessons in Berlin at Anda Sprachschule, German school of languages Berlin. Cheap Rates not only for your German language course in Berlin.
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