Super-intensive English courses

Our Super-Intensive English courses in Berlin are also called Bildungsurlaub. They are perfect for those people who want to learn English in a short time or improve it quickly.

Our Super-Intensive English courses are taught by native teachers highly qualified. In addition to the English language course in Berlin, you will have the chance to practice and learn English in your everyday life, join our cultural activities and if you want, you can also do a language exchange with a English-speaking student.

Our Super-Intensive English courses in Berlin take place from Monday to Friday in the morning or in the afternoon. The Super-Intensive English lessons consist of 6 lesson hours every day with two breaks of 15 minutes each.

The Super-Intensive English courses have around 4 students on average, so that you all have chances to take part actively in the lesson and the teacher can meet the specific needs of each student.

Currently we offer the following Super-Intensive English courses in Berlin:

course namedaytimedurationstartlocationPriceregister
A1.1Mo to Fr09:30-14:30h1-2 Weeks16.10.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350€Register
A1.1Mo to Fr09:30-14:30h1-2 Weeks27.11.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350€Register
A1.2Mo to Fr09:30-14:30h1-2 Weeks16.10.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350€Register
A1.2Mo to Fr09:30-14:30h1-2 Weeks27.11.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350€Register
course namedaytimedurationstartlocationPriceregister
A2.1Mo to Fr09:30-14:301-2 Weeks16.10.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350 €Register
A2.1Mo to Fr09:30-14:301-2 Weeks27.11.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350 €Register
A2.2Mo to Fr09:30-14:301-2 Weeks16.10.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350 €Register
A2.2Mo to Fr09:30-14:301-2 Weeks27.11.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350 €Register
course namedaytimedurationstartlocationPriceregister
B1.1Mo to Fr09:30-14:30h1-2 Weeks16.10.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350 €Register
B1.1Mo to Fr09:30-14:30h1-2 Weeks27.11.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350 €Register
B1.2Mo to Fr09:30-14:30h1-2 Weeks16.10.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350 €Register
B1.2Mo to Fr09:30-14:30h1-2 Weeks27.11.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350 €Register
course namedaytimeDurationstartlocationPriceregister
B2.1Mo to Fr09:30-14:30h1-2 Weeks16.10.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350 €Register
B2.1Mo to Fr09:30-14:30h1-2 Weeks27.11.2017Friedrichshain / Prenzlauer Berg175-350 €Register