Semi-Intensive English courses

Semi-Intensive English courses
Our Semi-intensive English courses are suitable for those who work and don’t have time to take lessons daily and for those who would like to learn English more quickly and more than once a week.

Our semi-intensive courses take place twice a week (Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays), they last 90 minutes and they begin either at 6 or at 7.30 pm.

Our English semi-intensive courses normally last 6 weeks, although we always offer you the possibility of continuing when the course comes to an end. Of course, you can also choose to register for less than 3 months.

Currently we offer the following English semi-intensive courses in Berlin:

Couse namedaytimeDurationstartlocationPriceregister
A1.1Mo + Wed18:00-19:30h6 Weeks30.10.2017Friedrichshain150€Register
A1.2Mo + Wed19:30-21:00h6 Weeks13.11.2017Prenzlauer Berg150€Register
A2.1Mon + Wed18:00-19:30h6 Weeks16.10.2017Friedrichshain150 €Register
A2.2Tue + Thu19:30-21:00h6 Weeks24.10.2017Prenzlauer Berg150 €Register
COURSE NAMEdaytimeDurationstartlocationPriceregister
B1.1Mon + Wed18:00-19:30h6 Weeks30.10.2017Friedrichshain150 €Register
B2.1Mon + Wed19:30-21:00h6 Weeks30.10.2017Prenzlauer Berg150 €Register